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Space Management
We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of Computer Aided Facilities Management applications and solutions based on leading industry standard software and our own bespoke applications

We can carry out Strategic Reviews to encompass workplace design development, position and headcount surveys, long term growth projections and restacking options.  These elements can be combined to identify opportunities to improve occupation density, enhance the working environment, forecast opportunities for building consolidations and predict the need for expansion.  Strategic planning reviews can result in optimised leasing costs, improved efficiency and enhanced risk management.

Space Planning

We have years of extensive experience in space planning and restacking office buildings, and have designed a wide variety of configurations from trading floors to small offices throughout Europe.

Our expertise include:

  • Schematic Layouts
  • Block Plans
  • Detailed Layouts
  • Move coordination plans
  • Personnel ‘from and to’ drawings
  • In depth knowledge of the relevant design codes
CAD Services
We use highly skilled CAD (Computer Aided Design) technicians who are available to support your day-to-day needs for the production and updating of office space layout drawings, building and IT infrastructure plans, names-to-desks information, project support and other key requirements. 

Our technicians work with architects, engineers, developers, surveyors, and building occupiers, both on site and remotely.  In the latter case we can often provide offshore resourcing through our overseas branches at lower cost.

Filing Audits
Adept Space have developed its own filing audit process that can deliver in-depth report on all aspect of the utilisation of storage as well as recommendation on the best way forward, We cover all the following aspects of filing
  • Relocation
  • Filing Reduction
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Refurbishment
  • New Working Practice
  • Regulatory
  • Insurance
  • Archive
Utilisation Survey
Our range of tools captures utilisation and ownership of workstations, cellular rooms and break-out areas. These tools generate real time data, presented in graphical displays, dashboard reports and time lapse heat maps, giving you the factual information you need to make decisions on your space requirements
We are able to support all Office relocations using our own in-house expertise as well as a full network of Move Consultants and Relocation firms


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