Adept Space
"If you don't measure it, you can't manage it"


Adept Space working with our partner CAD Management Ltd  to deliver a first class space management consulting, technology solutions and outsourcing services to companies striving to optimise the efficiency of their office design, space utilisation and space administration functions while reducing costs



Accordant, is a web based solution, designed to meet the needs of managing Real Estate and Moves in the current office environment. It provides comprehensive and easy-to-use web tools for Facilities Management that deliver :

§People & Asset Tracking
§Moves & Change Management  
§Space Allocation & Recharge
§Space Utilisation and Occupancy Reports
§Strategic Planning and Trends
§Resource Booking (Rooms and Hot Desks)

Accordant delivers cost savings on move planning and space management, as well as providing far more accurate  and easily accessible data that aids both operations staff and administrators. It gives Management the data and tools to make important strategic decisions regarding Real Estate, which is typically a organisation's second largest capital expenditure

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